What's New in SAS AppDev Studio 3.2, 3.2.1, and 3.2.2


The primary change in SAS AppDev Studio 3.2 is that the webAF development tools are now provided in the SAS AppDev Studio Eclipse Plug-ins, which are a set of plug-ins for the open-source Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that support the development of SAS applications.

The main enhancements provided by SAS AppDev Studio 3.2.1 are support for Eclipse 3.2.1 and Eclipse Web Tools 1.5.1, and new cheat sheets for complex tasks.

SAS AppDev Studio 3.2.2 provides support for multiple versions of the SAS Web Infrastructure Kit (WIK). SAS AppDev Studio Hot Fixes, when necessary, can add additional WIK versions to the SAS Versioned Jar Repository.

SAS AppDev Studio has the following changes and enhancements:

New Project Types

The following new project types are fundamental to developing SAS applications in Eclipse:

SAS Versioned Jar Repository

The SAS Versioned Jar Repository is a collection of reusable SAS library JAR files and their dependencies. When you create a SAS project, a SAS Classpath Container provides access to the SAS Versioned Jar Repository. The SAS Classpath Container manages the underlying SAS library JAR file dependencies for your project. So, as you add features to your application that rely on certain SAS library JAR file features, you can easily manage the resulting dependencies for your project. In fact, much of this effort is performed for you automatically by the SAS AppDev Studio Eclipse Plug-ins.

New Application Templates

The plug-ins provide templates that support the development of a variety of applications and Web applications, including SAS Information Delivery Portal Portlets, SAS Management Console and Data Integration Studio Plug-ins, Web-based reports, and OLAP solutions.

Updates to Import and Export Features

Users of prior versions of SAS AppDev Studio can use the import features in the plug-ins to import and migrate existing SAS AppDev Studio 3.0 projects into Eclipse. The plug-ins also provide an export facility to create Web Application Archive (WAR) files or Java Archive (JAR) files from your project content.

Enhancements to the Standard Eclipse Java Editor

The plug-ins enhance the standard Eclipse Java editor to provide assistance when you create applications based on SAS. The plug-ins enable the integration of the SAS 9.1 BI Java Documentation with the Eclipse help system. The SAS Organize Imports action and "Import from Repository" Quick Fix feature automatically manage project dependencies. Code snippets support commonly performed development tasks such as deploying SAS Foundation Services or connecting to a SAS Metadata Server or a Workspace Server, and a Quick Assist operation supports model/view connections between common Java viewer widgets and the back-end data models.

Changes to the Product Bundle

SAS AppDev Studio 3.2 moves away from some older technology. For more information, see the SAS AppDev Studio 3.2 Migration Guide ( The following changes have been made:

New Cheat Sheets

SAS AppDev Studio 3.2.1 provides the following new cheat sheets:

Configure Workspace Settings Cheat Sheet
helps users set the SAS AppDev Studio workspace settings.
Configure Workspace for SAS Web Application Development Cheat Sheet
walks users through the additional steps for application development in SAS AppDev Studio.
Import a SAS AppDev Studio 3.2 SAS Web Application Project Cheat Sheet
helps users import an existing SAS Web application project to a new workspace.

Support for Multiple Versions of the SAS WIK

SAS AppDev Studio 3.2.2 provides support for multiple versions of the SAS WIK (Web Infrastructure Kit) in the SAS Web Module with WIK facet.

New SAS Web Application projects will automatically use the latest version of the WIK, which is found in the SAS Versioned Jar Repository. You can either upgrade or downgrade the version of the SAS WIK for existing SAS Web Application projects. For more information, see the installation instructions for either the SAS AppDev Studio 3.2.2 Eclipse Plug-ins Update or the 322APPDEV01 hot fix. The instructions include information that will help you determine which version of the SAS Web Module with WIK facet corresponds to the hot fix.