What's New in the SAS AppDev Studio 3.3 Eclipse Plug-ins


The SAS AppDev Studio 3.3 Eclipse Plug-ins now support Eclipse 3.3 and Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0. For more information, consult these resources:

General Enhancements

  • New and improved cheat sheets that guide users when configuring the SAS AppDev Studio Eclipse Plug-ins, setting up their development workspaces, and defining their Web application servers for use within the development environment.
  • Improved application templates for Portlet, SAS Management Console Plug-in, and Data Integration Studio Plug-in development.
  • New support for importing external Web applications.
  • Enhanced support for managing JDBC connections in the DataBean Wizard and the JDBC Web application template.
  • Integration with SAS hotfix installers so that the development environment and application templates are automatically updated when a hotfix is installed.