Welcome to the SAS 9.1 Data Providers: ADO/OLE DB Cookbook

The ADO/OLE DB Cookbook provides programming recipes for use with the four SAS Data Providers. The recipes are designed to jump-start your development efforts by:

You can use the recipes directly or modify them to fit your needs. Each topic in the Cookbook clearly identifies the providers and the implementations (ADO or OLE DB) for which the recipe is valid.

Because ADO is a much simpler programming model than OLE DB and can be used with all known Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, most recipes are written to the ADO interface; however, the Cookbook also includes recipes written directly to the OLE DB specification. ADO recipes are written using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and OLE DB recipes are written using Microsoft Visual C++.

To understand and apply the information contained in this documentation, you should have experience in the following technical areas:

For a list of references, see Recommended Reading.

Table of Contents

What's New for the SAS 9 and 9.1 Data Providers

Introduction Getting Started with the SAS Data Providers

Connections and Data Sources
             Recordsets and Rowsets
Cellsets and Data Sets (Multidimensional Data) Appendix