SAS/SHARE Data Provider Installation

You can install the SAS/SHARE Data Provider from the SAS Client-Side Components Volume 1 CD in your SAS Installation Kit. It is included as part of the SAS Providers for OLE DB 9.1 installation.

Note: You also can download the most current version of this provider from Click on the link for SAS Providers for OLE DB.

Installing this provider registers sasafshr0901.dll and stores the following files on your hard disk in the \Program Files\SAS\Shared Files\SAS OLE DB Data Providers directory:

File Purpose
sasafshr0901.dll Implements OLE DB interfaces and features
sasafsup0901.dll Implements the standalone engine supervisor
sasafres0901.dll Contains shared resources for the SAS Data Providers
sase9lib0901.dll Implements access methods for SAS 9.1 servers
sase8lib0901.dll Implements access methods for V8 servers
SASExtensions.idl Extends OLE DB interfaces
SASExtensions.h Extends OLE DB interfaces
SASExtensions_i.c Extends OLE DB interfaces
oledbpr.chm Provides help for the SAS Data Providers
various Provides the ability to uninstall the SAS Data Providers

In addition, the following files are installed in the \Program Files\SAS\Shared Files\Formats directory:

File Purpose
jazwfuwf.dll Supports SAS formatting
jazxfbrg.dll Supports SAS formatting
jazwfbin.dll Supports SAS binary formats
jazwfdte.dll Supports SAS date formats
jazwfmsc.dll Supports SAS miscellaneous formats
jazwftme.dll Supports SAS time formats
jazwibin.dll Supports SAS formatting
jazwidte.dll Supports SAS formatting
jazwimsc.dll Supports SAS formatting
jazwiuwi.dll Supports SAS formatting
jazxfbrg.dll Supports SAS formatting

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