Selecting Time Series Using CROSSLIST=Option and WHERE=TICK


                   SAS Sample Library

 Description: Example program from SAS/ETS User's Guide,
              The SASEFAME Interface Engine
   Title: Selecting Time Series Using CROSSLIST=Option and WHERE=TICK
 Product: SAS/ETS Software
    Keys: FAME data extraction, CROSSLIST= INSET= WHERE=TICK
   Procs: SASEFAME
   Notes: Read this before you run this sample.
        The remote training database resides in the FAME util folder on the
        remote MCADBS node named in ON\_HOST= option. You
        may need to examine the TICKER namelist on that host to specify INSETZ
        to contain the matching tickers.
        Specify your own hostname, service, name,
        username and password to run the sample code.
        Check your MCADBS config file to know the dbid
        (usually TR for training.db), which you specify on the set statement
        in the DATA STEP.

option validvarname=any;

data insetz;
   length tick $6;
   /* need $6 so DJ30IN is not truncated */

   tick='C'; output;
   tick='CVX'; output;
   tick='DJ30IN'; output;
   tick='F'; output;
   tick='HPQ'; output;
   tick='IBM'; output;
   tick='INTC'; output;
   tick='KO'; output;
   tick='ORCL'; output;
   tick='PEP'; output;
   tick='SPX'; output;
   tick='XOM'; output;
   tick='YUM'; output;

libname lib10 sasefame "C:\PROGRA~1\FAME\util"
        connect=yes to_service="2961" on_host="txa006" as_name="C"
        user="famekff" pass="XXXXXXXXX"
        convert=(frequency=business technique=constant)
        range='07jul1997'd - '25jul1997'd
        inset=( insetz where=tick )
            ( {adjust, close, high, low, open, volume,
               uclose, uhigh, ulow, uopen, uvolume} );

data trout;
   /* thirteen companies with unique TICKs specified in INSETZ */
   /* Use tr since this is the MCADBS dbid for the training.db */
   keep DATE IBM: ;     /* only keep IBM for brevity of output results */

title1 'TRAINING DB, Pricing Timeseries for IBM';
title2 'Using INSET with WHERE=TICK.';
proc print data=trout;

proc contents data=trout;