SAS® 9.4: Getting Started with Your Software Order » Deploy

Once you have reviewed your SOE and created a software depot, the next step is to deploy your software. Select from one of the the following deployment paths.

Installing SAS Foundation and related software

The informaton on this page takes you to self-help resources, such as documentation and videos, related to installing SAS Foundation (for example, Base SAS and other SAS products that do not include a metadata server).

Performing metadata server-based deployments (planning order)

If your deployment includes a metatada server, your order is considered a "planning order" and you will need a plan file to install and configure your software. The information found on the Performing metadata server-based deployments page includes links to key documentation to assist with installing an order that is of the deployment type planning. In general, planned deployments require a higher level of SAS deployment experience.

Migrating metadata server-based deployments

If you are ready to migrate to SAS 9.4, you are encouraged to read the migration documentation closely. If you have not previously completed a similar migration, review the documentation on the Migration web page under Where do I start? in detail. To help you have a successful migration, additional documentation and papers, such as "Peaceful Coexistence: Multiple SAS Releases" plus SAS notes are included under the right-hand Hot Topics menu on that page.

If you would like assistance with your SAS migration, contact the SAS Consulting team.