Using the Output Delivery System

The SAS Results Window

The SAS Results window contains a running record of the output from your SAS session. In the SAS windowing environment, select View $\blacktriangleright $ Results to open the Results window. FigureĀ 20.5 displays the Results window from the PROC REG step shown previously.

Figure 20.5: The Results Window from the SAS Explorer

The Results Window from the SAS Explorer

When you click the output names in the Results window, you link directly to the output in the Output Results window (for the HTML destination) or the Output window or graph viewer window (for the LISTING destination). The Results window contains an entry for each level of the label path and for each object. You can also use the Results window to determine the names of the templates associated with each object. Right-click the name, and then select Properties. You can see all of the templates from the Results window by selecting View $\blacktriangleright $ Templates $\blacktriangleright $ Sashelp.Tmplmst. Then click a product such as Stat, a procedure such as REG, and a template such as ParameterEstimates.