The BCHOICE Procedure (Experimental)

Regenerating Diagnostics Plots

By default, PROC BCHOICE generates three plots: the trace plot, the autocorrelation plot, and the kernel density plot. Unless ODS Graphics is enabled before the procedure is called, it is hard to generate the same graph afterward. Directly using the Stat.BCHOICE.Graphics.TraceAutocorrDensity template is not feasible. The easiest way to regenerate the same graph is to use the %TADPlot autocall macro. The %TADPlot macro requires you to specify an input data set (which is the output data set from a previous PROC BCHOICE call) and a list of variables that you want to plot.

Suppose that the output data set Postsamp contains posterior draws for the regression coefficients of Mode1, Mode2, and Mode3. If you want to examine these parameters graphically, you can use the following statements to regenerate the graphs:

ods graphics on;
%tadplot(data=Postsamp, var=Mode1 Mode2 Mode3)
ods graphics off;