Replicate Weights Output Data Set

If you specify the OUTWEIGHTS= method-option for VARMETHOD=BRR or VARMETHOD=JACKKNIFE, PROC SURVEYMEANS stores the replicate weights in an output data set. The OUTWEIGHTS= output data set contains all observations from the DATA= input data set that are valid (used in the analysis). (A valid observation is an observation that has a positive value of the WEIGHT variable. Valid observations must also have nonmissing values of the STRATA and CLUSTER variables, unless you specify the MISSING option. See the section Data and Sample Design Summary for details about valid observations.)

The OUTWEIGHTS= data set contains the following variables:

  • all variables in the DATA= input data set

  • RepWt_1, RepWt_2, $\ldots $, RepWt_n, which are the replicate weight variables

where n is the total number of replicates in the analysis. Each replicate weight variable contains the replicate weights for the corresponding replicate. Replicate weights equal zero for those observations not included in the replicate.

After the procedure creates replicate weights for a particular input data set and survey design, you can use the OUTWEIGHTS= method-option to store these replicate weights and then use them again in subsequent analyses, either in PROC SURVEYMEANS or in the other survey procedures. You can use the REPWEIGHTS statement to provide replicate weights for the procedure.