Jackknife Coefficients Output Data Set

If you specify the OUTJKCOEFS= method-option for VARMETHOD=JACKKNIFE, PROC SURVEYMEANS stores the jackknife coefficients in an output data set. The OUTJKCOEFS= output data set contains one observation for each replicate. The OUTJKCOEFS= data set contains the following variables:

  • Replicate, which is the replicate number for the jackknife coefficient

  • JKCoefficient, which is the jackknife coefficient

  • DonorStratum, which is the stratum of the PSU that was deleted to construct the replicate, if you specify a STRATA statement

After the procedure creates jackknife coefficients for a particular input data set and survey design, you can use the OUTJKCOEFS= method-option to store these coefficients and then use them again in subsequent analyses, either in PROC SURVEYMEANS or in the other survey procedures. You can use the JKCOEFS= option in the REPWEIGHTS statement to provide jackknife coefficients for the procedure.