Example 92.3 Ratio Analysis

Suppose you are interested in the profit per employee and the sale per employee among the 800 top-performing companies in the data in the previous example. The following SAS statements illustrate how you can use PROC SURVEYMEANS to estimate these ratios:

title 'Ratio Analysis in Top Companies Profile Study';
proc surveymeans data=Company total=800 ratio;
   var Profit Sale Employee;
   weight Weight; 
   ratio Profit Sale / Employee;

The RATIO statement requests the ratio of the profit and the sales to the number of employees.

Output 92.3.1 shows the estimated ratios and their standard errors. Because the profit and the sales figures are in millions of dollars, and the employee numbers are in thousands, the profit per employee is estimated as $5,120 with a standard error of $1,059, and the sales per employee are $114,332 with a standard error of $20,503.

Output 92.3.1: Estimate Ratios

Ratio Analysis in Top Companies Profile Study


Ratio Analysis
Numerator Denominator Ratio Std Err
Sale Employee 114.332497 20.502742
Profit Employee 5.119698 1.058939