Data and Sample Design Summary

The Data Summary table provides information about the input data set and the sample design. This table displays the total number of valid observations, where an observation is considered valid if it has nonmissing values for all procedure variables other than the analysis variables—that is, for all specified STRATA, CLUSTER, DOMAIN, POSTSTRATA, and WEIGHT variables. This number might differ from the number of nonmissing observations for an individual analysis variable, which the procedure displays in the Statistics table. See the section Missing Values for more information.

PROC SURVEYMEANS displays the following information in the Data Summary table:

  • Number of Strata, if you specify a STRATA statement

  • Number of Poststrata, if you specify a POSTSTRATA statement

  • Number of Clusters, if you specify a CLUSTER statement

  • Number of Observations, which is the total number of valid observations

  • Sum of Weights, which is the sum over all valid observations, if you specify a WEIGHT statement