The REG Procedure

STORE Statement

STORE <OUT=>item-store-name </ LABEL='label'> ;

The STORE statement requests that the procedure save the estimated parameters of the fitted model. The resulting item store is a binary file format that cannot be modified. The contents of the item store can be processed with the PLM procedure.

For details about the syntax of the STORE statement, see the section STORE Statement of Chapter 19: Shared Concepts and Topics.

Note: The information stored by the STORE statement in PROC REG is a subset of what is usually stored by other procedures that implement this statement. In particular, PROC REG stores only the estimated parameters of the model, so that you can later use the CODE statement in PROC PLM to write SAS DATA step code for prediction to a file or catalog entry. With only this subset of information, many other postprocessing features of PROC PLM are not available for item stores that are created by PROC REG.