The REG Procedure

PRINT Statement


The PRINT statement enables you to interactively display the results of MODEL statement options, produce an ANOVA table, display the data for variables used in the current model, or redisplay the options specified in a MODEL or a previous PRINT statement. In addition, like most other interactive statements in PROC REG, the PRINT statement implicitly refits the model; thus, effects of REWEIGHT statements are seen in the resulting tables. If ODS Graphics is enabled (see the section ODS Graphics), the PRINT statement also requests the use of the ODS graphical displays associated with the current model.

The following specifications can appear in the PRINT statement:


interactively displays the results of MODEL statement options, where options is one or more of the following: ACOV, ALL, CLI, CLM, COLLIN, COLLINOINT, CORRB, COVB, DW, I, INFLUENCE, P, PARTIAL, PCORR1, PCORR2, R, SCORR1, SCORR2, SEQB, SPEC, SS1, SS2, STB, TOL, VIF, or XPX. See the section MODEL Statement for a description of these options.


produces the ANOVA table associated with the current model. This is either the model specified in the last MODEL statement or the model that incorporates changes made by ADD, DELETE, or REWEIGHT statements after the last MODEL statement.


displays the data for variables used in the current model.

Use the statement


to reprint options in the most recently specified PRINT or MODEL statement.

Options that require original data values, such as R or INFLUENCE, cannot be used when a TYPE=CORR, TYPE=COV, or TYPE=SSCP data set is used as the input data set to PROC REG. See the section Input Data Sets for more detail.