The FASTCLUS Procedure

Updates in the FASTCLUS Procedure

Some FASTCLUS procedure options and statements have changed from previous versions. The differences are as follows:

  • Values of the FREQ variable are no longer truncated to integers. Noninteger variables specified in the FREQ statement produce results different from those in previous releases.

  • The IMPUTE option produces different cluster standard deviations and related statistics. When you specify the IMPUTE option, imputed values are no longer used in computing cluster statistics. This change causes the cluster standard deviations and other statistics computed from the standard deviations to be different from those in previous releases.

  • The INSTAT= option reads a SAS data set previously created with the FASTCLUS procedure by using the OUTSTAT= option. If you specify the INSTAT= option, no clustering iterations are performed and no output is produced. Only cluster assignment and imputation are performed as an OUT= data set is created.

  • The OUTSTAT= data set contains additional information used for imputation. _TYPE_=SEED corresponds to values that are cluster seeds. Observations previously designated _TYPE_=’SCALE’ are now _TYPE_=’DISPERSION’.