SQL Procedure


Ends the connection with a DBMS that a SAS/ACCESS interface supports.

Requirement: SAS/ACCESS software is required. For more information about this statement, see your SAS/ACCESS documentation.
See: Connecting to a DBMS by Using the SQL Procedure Pass-Through Facility


DISCONNECT FROM dbms-name|alias;

Required Arguments


specifies the alias that is defined in the CONNECT statement.


specifies the DBMS from which you want to end the connection (for example, DB2 or ORACLE). The name that you specify should match the name that is specified in the CONNECT statement.


  • An implicit COMMIT is performed before the DISCONNECT statement ends the DBMS connection. If a DISCONNECT statement is not submitted, then implicit DISCONNECT and COMMIT actions are performed and the connection to the DBMS is broken when PROC SQL terminates.
  • PROC SQL continues executing until you submit a QUIT statement, another SAS procedure, or a DATA step.