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Poisson Regression

Modifying the Model

For this model and this set of data, there does not appear to be sufficient explanatory power in the YEAR*PERIOD effect to include it in the model.

Click on YEAR*PERIOD in the fit window.

Choose Edit:Delete from the menu.

poi08.gif (16168 bytes)

Figure 17.8: Modified Fit Model

Follow the previous steps to remove the other two interaction terms from the model. The resulting main effects model is shown in Figure 17.9.

poi09.gif (15339 bytes)

Figure 17.9: Main Effects Model

The estimate of the dispersion parameter {{\phi} = {\sigma}^2 = 1.6910}suggests that overdispersion exists in the model. Type III (Wald) Tests table shows that all of the main effects are significant.

Parameter Estimates

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