The CORR Procedure

ODS Graphics

Statistical procedures use ODS Graphics to create graphs as part of their output. ODS Graphics is described in detail in Chapter 21: Statistical Graphics Using ODS in SAS/STAT 12.1 User's Guide.

Before you create graphs, ODS Graphics must be enabled (for example, with the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement). For more information about enabling and disabling ODS Graphics, see the section Enabling and Disabling ODS Graphics in that chapter.

The overall appearance of graphs is controlled by ODS styles. Styles and other aspects of using ODS Graphics are discussed in the section A Primer on ODS Statistical Graphics in that chapter.

PROC CORR assigns a name to each graph it creates using ODS. You can use these names to reference the graphs when using ODS. To request these graphs, ODS Graphics must be enabled and you must specify the options indicated in Table 2.5.

Table 2.5: Graphs Produced by PROC CORR

ODS Graph Name

Plot Description



Scatter plot



Scatter plot matrix