The HPIMPUTE Procedure

Example 8.1 Running Client Data on the Client

This example demonstrates how to use PROC HPIMPUTE to perform imputation on the Sampsio.Hmeq data set, which resides on the client.

When the input data set resides on the client and no PERFORMANCE statement is specified, as in the following statements, the client performs all computations:

 /*sampsio is a libref for a data source on the client.*/
 proc hpimpute data=sampsio.hmeq out=out1;
     input mortdue value clage debtinc;
     impute mortdue / value  = 70000;
     impute value   / method = mean;
     impute clage   / method = random;
     impute debtinc / method = pmedian;

Output 8.1.1 shows the imputation results.

Output 8.1.1: Imputation Results

The HPIMPUTE Procedure

Imputation Results
Variable Imputation
Type of
Value (Seed)
MORTDUE M_MORTDUE IM_MORTDUE 518 Given value 70000
VALUE M_VALUE IM_VALUE 112 Mean 101776
CLAGE M_CLAGE IM_CLAGE 308 Random 5.00000
DEBTINC M_DEBTINC IM_DEBTINC 1267 Pseudo Median 34.81696

Output 8.1.2 shows the performance information.

Output 8.1.2: Performance Information

The HPIMPUTE Procedure

Performance Information
Execution Mode Single-Machine
Number of Threads 2