The HPIMPUTE Procedure

Displayed Output

The HPIMPUTE procedure displays imputation results and performance information.

The Imputation Results table includes six columns. The first column shows the original variable names from the input data set. The second column displays a 0 if that observation was not imputed and a 1 if it was. The third column shows the names of imputed variables in the output data set. The fourth column shows the number of missing values. The fifth column shows the types of imputation methods: Given Value, Mean, Pseudo Median, Random (between the minimum value and the maximum value of the nonmissing values). The last column shows the imputation seed for which random imputation generated the imputation value, or the imputation value for other imputation methods that replace missing values.

The Performance Information table is produced by default. It displays information about the execution mode. For single-machine mode, the table displays the number of threads used. For distributed mode, the table displays the grid mode (symmetric or asymmetric), the number of compute nodes, and the number of threads per node.

If you specify the DETAILS option in the PERFORMANCE statement, the procedure also produces a Timing table in which elapsed times (absolute and relative) for the main tasks of the procedure are displayed.