QDEVICE Procedure

Example 1: Generate a Report for the Default Display Device




The following example creates a General report for the default display device. This example assumes that you are running in an interactive mode on Windows.
For the WIN device, the number of colors is controlled by your Windows display settings. The size is controlled by your monitor and resolution settings.


proc qdevice;


If you do not specify the OUT= option, the QDEVICE procedure sends its output to the SAS log. The output for the Windows operating environment is shown below as it appears in the SAS log.

                 Name: WIN
          Description: Microsoft Windows Display
                 Type: System Display
       Device Catalog: ('your-device-catalog')
     Default Typeface: Sasfont
           Font Style: Roman
          Font Weight: Normal
          Font Height: 8 points
       Maximum Colors: 65535
         Visual Color: True Color
        Color Support: RGB
             I/O Type: GTERM
          Data Format: Host Display
               Height: 8.4 inches
                Width: 14.25 inches
              Ypixels: 806
              Xpixels: 1368
           Rows(vpos): 62
        Columns(hpos): 171
          Left Margin: 0 inches
  Minimum Left Margin: 0 inches
         Right Margin: 0 inches
 Minimum Right Margin: 0 inches
        Bottom Margin: 0 inches
Minimum Bottom Margin: 0 inches
           Top Margin: 0 inches
   Minimum Top Margin: 0 inches
       XxY Resolution: 96x96 pixels per inch
   Compression Method: None
       Font Embedding: Never