PMENU Procedure

RBUTTON Statement

Lists mutually exclusive choices within a dialog box.
Restriction: Must be used after a RADIOBOX statement.
Creating a Dialog Box to Search Multiple Variables


Required Arguments

specifies the column in the dialog box where the radio button and text are placed.
specifies the line in the dialog box where the radio button and text are placed.
defines the text that appears in the dialog box and, if the SUBSTITUTE= option is not used, defines the text that is inserted into the command in the preceding DIALOG statement.
Note: Be careful not to overlap columns and lines when placing text and radio buttons. If you overlap text and buttons, Then you will get an error message. Also, specify space between other text and a radio button.

Optional Arguments

defines the color of the radio button and the text that describes the button.
Restriction:This option is not available in all operating environments. If you include this option and it is not available in your operating environment, then the option is ignored.
defines a button that indicates none of the other choices. Defining this button enables the user to ignore any of the other choices. No characters, including blanks, are inserted into the DIALOG statement.
Restriction:If you use this option, then it must appear immediately after the RBUTTON keyword.
specifies the text that is to be inserted into the command in the DIALOG statement.