PMENU Procedure

CHECKBOX Statement

Defines choices that a user can make within a dialog box.
Restriction: Must be used after a DIALOG statement.


Required Arguments

specifies the column in the dialog box where the check box and text are placed.
specifies the line in the dialog box where the check box and text are placed.
defines the text that describes this check box. This text appears in the window and, if the SUBSTITUTE= option is not used, is also inserted into the command in the preceding DIALOG statement when the user selects the check box.

Optional Arguments

defines the color of the check box and the text that describes it.
indicates that by default this check box is active. If you use this option, then you must specify it immediately after the CHECKBOX keyword.
specifies the text that is to be inserted into the command in the DIALOG statement.


Check Boxes in a Dialog Box

Each CHECKBOX statement defines a single item that the user can select independent of other selections. That is, if you define five choices with five CHECKBOX statements, then the user can select any combination of these choices. When the user selects choices, the text-for-selection values that are associated with the selections are inserted into the command string of the previous DIALOG statement at field locations prefixed by an ampersand (&).