TABULATE Procedure

KEYWORD Statement

Specifies a style element for keyword headings.
Restriction: This statement affects only the HTML, RTF, and Printer output.
Specifying Style Elements for ODS Output


[style-attribute-name=style-attribute-value<… style-attribute-name=style-attribute-value>];

Required Argument

is one of the keywords for statistics that is discussed in Statistics That Are Available in PROC TABULATE or is the universal class variable ALL. (See Elements That You Can Use in a Dimension Expression.)

Optional Argument

STYLE=<style-element-name|<PARENT>>[style-attribute-name=style-attribute-value<… style-attribute-name=style-attribute-value>]
specifies a style element for the keyword headings. For information about the arguments of this option and how it is used, see STYLE= in the PROC TABULATE statement.
Note: The use of STYLE= in the KEYWORD statement differs slightly from its use in the PROC TABULATE statement. In the KEYWORD statement, inheritance is different for rows and columns. For rows, the parent heading is located to the left of the current heading. For columns, the parent heading is located above the current heading.
Restriction:This option affects only the HTML, RTF, and Printer destinations.
Tip:To override a style element that is specified in the KEYWORD statement, you can specify a style element in the related TABLE statement dimension expression.