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SAS 9.2 Output Delivery System User's Guide

The DOCUMENT Procedure

Overview: DOCUMENT Procedure
Syntax: DOCUMENT Procedure
COPY TO Statement
DELETE Statement
DIR Statement
DOC Statement
DOC CLOSE Statement
HIDE Statement
IMPORT TO Statement
LINK Statement
LIST Statement
MAKE Statement
MOVE TO Statement
NOTE Statement
OBANOTE Statement
OBBNOTE Statement
OBFOOTN Statement
OBPAGE Statement
OBSTITLE Statement
OBTEMPL Statement
OBTITLE Statement
RENAME TO Statement
REPLAY Statement
SETLABEL Statement
UNHIDE Statement
Customizing Labels, Titles, and Footnotes with BY Variables
Using WHERE Expressions with the DOCUMENT Procedure
Concepts: DOCUMENT Procedure
Results: DOCUMENT Procedure
Examples: DOCUMENT Procedure
Example 1: Navigating the File Location and Listing the Entries
Example 2: Opening and Listing ODS Documents
Example 3: Managing Entries
Example 4: Listing BY-Group Entries

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