OPTIONS Procedure

Displaying a List of System Options

The log that results from running PROC OPTIONS can show the system options for the options that are available for all operating environment and those that are specific to a single operating environment. Options that are available for all operating environments are referred to as portable options. Options that are specific to a single operating environment are referred to as host options.
The following example shows a partial log that displays the settings of portable options.
proc options;
The SAS Log Showing a Partial Listing of SAS System Options

Portable Options:

 APPEND=           Append at the end of the option value
                   Location of Java applets
 ARMAGENT=         ARM Agent to use to collect ARM records
 ARMLOC=ARMLOG.LOG Identify location where ARM records are to be written
                   Enable/Disable ARMing of SAS subsystems
 AUTOCORRECT       Perform auto-correction for misspelled procedure names, keywords or global statement names
 AUTOEXEC=         Identifies AUTOEXEC files used during initialization
 AUTOSAVELOC=      Identifies the location where program editor contents are auto saved
 NOAUTOSIGNON      SAS/CONNECT remote submit will not automatically attempt to SIGNON
 BINDING=DEFAULT   Controls the binding edge for duplexed output
 BOMFILE           Add Byte Order Mark when creating Unicode files
                   Bottom margin for printed output
 BUFNO=1           Number of buffers for each SAS data set
 BUFSIZE=0         Size of buffer for page of SAS data set
 BYERR             Set the error flag if a null data set is input to the SORT procedure
 BYLINE            Print the BY line at the beginning of each BY group
 BYSORTED          Require SAS data set observations to be sorted for BY processing
 NOCAPS            Do not translate source input to uppercase
 NOCARDIMAGE       Do not process SAS source and data lines as 80-byte records
 CATCACHE=0        Number of SAS catalogs to keep in cache memory
 CBUFNO=0          Number of buffers to use for each SAS catalog
 CENTER            Center SAS procedure output
 CGOPTIMIZE=3      Control code generation optimization
 NOCHARCODE        Do not use character combinations as substitute for special characters not on the keyboard
 CLEANUP           Attempt recovery from out-of-resources condition
 NOCMDMAC          Do not support command-style macros
 CMPLIB=           Identify previously compiled libraries of CMP subroutines to use when linking
 CMPMODEL=BOTH     Identify CMP model storage type
                   Enable SAS compiler performance optimizations
The log displays both portable and host options when you submit proc options;.
To view only host options, use this version of the OPTIONS procedure:
proc options host;
The SAS Log Showing a Partial List of Host Options
1    proc options host;
2    run;

    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release xxx  TS1B0

Host Options:

                   Enable Extended Accessibility
 ALTLOG=           Specifies the destination for a copy of the SAS log
 ALTPRINT=         Specifies the destination for a copy of the SAS procedure output file
                   Authentication providers associated with domain suffixes
 AUTHSERVER=       Specify the authentication server or domain.
                   Used to customize the appearance for the SAS AWS. Valid parameters are: TITLE/ NOTITLE
 AWSDEF=(0 0 80 80)
                   Specify the initial size and position of the SAS AWS. This should be specified as follows: 0 0 100 100
 AWSMENU           Show the main window's (AWS) menu.