OPTIONS Procedure

Displaying Restricted Options

Your site administrator can restrict some system options so that your SAS session adheres to options that are set for your site. Restricted options can be modified only by your site administrator. The OPTIONS procedure provides two options that display information about restricted options. The RESTRICT option lists the system options that your site administrator has restricted. The LISTRESTRICT option lists the options that can be restricted by your site administrator. For a listing of options that cannot be restricted, see System Options That Cannot Be Restricted.
The following SAS logs shows the output when the RESTRICT option is specified and partial output when the LISTRESTRICT option is specified.
A List of Options That Have Been Restricted by the Site Administrator
   proc options restrict;
2    run;
    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release xxx  TS1B0

Option Value Information For SAS Option CMPOPT
    Option Scope: SAS Session
    How option value set:  Site Administrator Restricted
A Partial Log That Lists Options That Can Be Restricted
33   proc options listrestrict;
34   run;

    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release xxx  TS1B0

    Your Site Administrator can restrict the ability to modify the following Portable Options:

     APPEND             Append at the end of the option value
     APPLETLOC          Location of Java applets
     ARMAGENT           ARM Agent to use to collect ARM records
     ARMLOC             Identify location where ARM records are to be written
     ARMSUBSYS          Enable/Disable ARMing of SAS subsystems
     AUTOCORRECT        Perform auto-correction for misspelled procedure names, keywords or global statement names
     AUTOSAVELOC        Identifies the location where program editor contents are auto saved