OPTIONS Procedure

Overview: OPTIONS Procedure

The OPTIONS procedure lists the current settings of SAS system options in the SAS log.
SAS system options control how SAS formats output, handles files, processes data sets, interacts with the operating environment, and does other tasks that are not specific to a single SAS program or data set. You use the OPTIONS procedure to obtain information about an option or a group of options. Here is some of the information that the OPTIONS procedure provides:
  • the current value of an option and how it was set
  • a description of an option
  • valid syntax for the option, valid option values, and the range of values
  • where you can set the system option
  • if the option can be restricted by your site administrator
  • if the option has been restricted
  • system options that belong to a system option group
  • system options that are specific for an operating environment
  • if an option value has been modified by the INSERT or APPEND system options
For additional information about SAS system options, see SAS System Options: Reference.