RENAME Statement

Renames variables in the output map data set that correspond to specific fields in the shapefile.
Requirement: At least one field-identifier and variable-name pair are required.


RENAME 'field-identifier-1' = variable-name1 <... 'field-identifier-n' = SAS-variable-n>

Required Argument

'field-identifier' = variable-name
assigns a variable name in the output map data set for a field in the shapefile. You can specify multiple field identifier and variable name pairs, separated by a space.
For example, the following code renames the STNAME field to STATE, and the FIPSTATE field to STATE_FIPS: rename "stname" = state "fipstate" = state_fips;
By default, when you do not specify the RENAME statement, the MAPIMPORT procedure uses the field name in the shapefile as the variable name in the output map data set. However, if the field name is not a valid SAS variable name, then the variable name is modified in the output map data set. For more information about valid SAS variable names, see Names in the SAS Language in SAS Language Reference: Concepts in the SAS Language Reference: Concepts.