ID Statement

Reorders the map polygons by one or more identifier fields.
Requirement: At least one field-identifier is required.
Interaction: The CREATE_ID option in the PROC MAPIMPORT statement has no effect when you also specify the ID option.


ID 'field-identifier(s)';

Required Argument

specifies one or more fields in the shape file that identify the polygons in the map. The values of the fields that you specify are used to reorder the map polygons and assign segment numbers in the output map data set.
When you do not specify the ID statement, the MAPIMPORT procedure uses the existing polygon order for the output map data set.
You might want to use the ID statement when the default output map data set does not draw properly in the GMAP procedure. If the ID variable that you specify in the GMAP procedure is not unique for each polygon, then extraneous lines might appear in your GMAP output. To ensure that the ID variable is unique for each polygon, specify the same ID statement in both the MAPIMPORT and GMAP procedures.