Requirement: The name and location of an output data set and the complete path for the input data file.
Note: The single quotes surrounding field identifiers are optional when the field identifiers follow the SAS naming convention. Single quotes are required for field identifiers that are nonstandard SAS names. When field identifiers placed in single quotes are nonstandard SAS names, the field identifiers are converted to a standard SAS name in the traditional map data set. For more information about the standard SAS naming convention, see Names in the SAS Language in SAS Language Reference: Concepts in the SAS Language Reference: Concepts . For more information about how invalid field identifiers placed in single quotes are renamed, see VALIDVARNAME= System Option in SAS/ACCESS for Relational Databases: Reference in the SAS/ACCESS for Relational Databases: Reference.


PROC MAPIMPORT OUT= map-data-set DATAFILE= 'path-to-shapefile'
EXCLUDE 'field-identifier(s)';
ID 'field-identifier(s)';
RENAME 'field-identifier-1' = variable-name-1 < ... 'field-identifier-n' = variable-name-n>;
SELECT 'field-identifier(s)';