Viewing the List of All Available Devices

You can view the complete list of devices that are available in any of the following ways:
  • Use the SAS Explorer window to display the contents of the default device catalog, SASHELP.DEVICES, or any other device catalog.
  • Use the GDEVICE procedure to open the GDEVICE DIRECTORY window, which lists all of the devices in the current catalog. By default, the current catalog is SASHELP.DEVICES. To specify a catalog, include the CATALOG= option, as shown in the following statement:
    proc gdevice catalog=sashelp.devices;
    If you do not specify a catalog, and you have defined a libref named GDEVICE0, then the GDEVICE procedure looks in the GDEVICE0 catalog first. See Using the GDEVICE Windows for details.
  • Use GDEVICE procedure statements to write the list of device drivers to the Output window. For example:
    proc gdevice catalog=sashelp.devices nofs browse;
    The NOFS option in the PROC GDEVICE statement causes the procedure not to use the GDEVICE window.
    If you want to write the list of devices to an external file, you can do either of the following actions:
    • save the contents of the Output window.
    • use the PRINTTO procedure to redirect the GDEVICE procedure output to an external file. See Base SAS Procedures Guide for a description of the PRINTTO procedure.