Developing Web Presentations for the Metaview Applet

The JAVAMETA device driver generates graphs that are stored in metagraphics format and displayed by the SAS Metaview applet to create interactive graphical Web presentations. The metacodes that comprise the metagraphics format are simple ASCII codes that look like the following:
   37    8  106   97  118   97  109  101  116   97   30    0   10    1   13    5
    0    0    0   50    8   32   32   32   32   32   32   32   32   51   18   57
   46   48   48   46   48   48   77   48   68   48   56   48   49   50   48   48
You can use a GOPTIONS statement with a DEVICE=JAVAMETA to create metacode output from one or more SAS/GRAPH procedures. When the graph is viewed, the browser passes the metacodes as a parameter to the Metaview applet. The Metaview applet renders the output defined by the metacodes, and displays the interactive graph to the user.
Most SAS/GRAPH procedures that generate GRSEG catalog entries, as well as some other SAS procedures such as PROC GANTT, can be used with the JAVAMETA device to generate metagraphics output. For a list of these procedures, see Metaview Applet.
Interactive features of the Metaview applet include pan and a play mode for animations. You can add data tips, specify resource files for language translation, specify background colors and text fonts, and drill down to HTML files, metagraphics files, and sets of metacodes. You can also provide a list of selectable drill-down URLs in the pop-up menu. Whereas regular HTML drill-down only allows a single drill-down, the metaview applet allows a selection list of multiple drill-downs per each chart element. For information about these enhancements, see Enhancing Web Presentations for the Metaview Applet.
To generate a Metaview applet presentation, use ODS with the JAVAMETA device driver.
To see examples of programs that generate a Web presentation for the Metaview applet, see Example: Generating Metacode Output with the JAVAMETA Driver .