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The GPLOT Procedure


Note:   When using procedures that support RUN-group processing, include a QUIT statement after the last RUN statement. Using the QUIT statement is especially important when the procedure is supposed to completely terminate within the boundaries of an ODS destination (for example, ODS HTML; procedure-code; ODS HTML CLOSE; ). See RUN-Group Processing for more information.  [cautionend]


Example 1: Generating a Simple Bubble Plot

Example 2: Labeling and Sizing Plot Bubbles

Example 3: Adding a Right Vertical Axis

Example 4: Plotting Two Variables

Example 5: Connecting Plot Data Points

Example 6: Generating an Overlay Plot

Example 7: Filling Areas in an Overlay Plot

Example 8: Plotting Three Variables

Example 9: Plotting with Different Scales of Values

Example 10: Creating Plots with Drill-down Functionality for the Web

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