The UCM Procedure


  • PERFORMANCE options;

The PERFORMANCE statement defines performance parameters for distributed and multithreaded computing and passes variables that describe the distributed computing environment. In the UCM procedure, this statement is applicable only if you specify the BOOTSTRAP option in the FORECAST statement. In addition, the number of nodes that you specify in the NODES= option in the PERFORMANCE statement must be strictly smaller than the number of bootstrap replications that you specify in the BOOTSTRAP option. The following statements illustrate how you can use this statement to perform bootstrap computations that use 10 nodes on a grid named

proc ucm data=seriesG;
   id date interval=month;
   model logair;
   forecast lead=24 bootstrap(nrep=50 seed=1234);
   performance nodes=10 host="";

For more information about the PERFORMANCE statement, see the section PERFORMANCE Statement in SAS/ETS 13.2 User's Guide: High-Performance Procedures.