The X12 Procedure

TABLES Statement

TABLES tablename1 tablename2 …options ;

The TABLES statement enables you to alter the display of the PROC X12 tables. You can specify the display of tables that are not displayed by default by PROC X12, and the NOSUM option enables you to suppress the printing of the period summary line in the time series tables.

tablename1 tablename2 …

are keywords that correspond to the title label used by the U.S. Census Bureau X-12-ARIMA software. For each table to be included in the displayed output, you must specify the X12 tablename keyword. Currently available tables are A19, C20, D1, D7, E1, E2, and E3. Although these tables are not displayed by default, their values are sometimes useful in understanding the X-12-ARIMA method. For further description of the available tables, see the section Displayed Output, ODS Table Names, and OUTPUT Tablename Keywords.


applies to the tables available for output in the OUTPUT Statement. By default, these tables include a summary line that gives the average, total, or standard deviation for the historical data by period. The NOSUM option suppresses the display of the summary line in the listing. Also, if the tables are output with ODS, the summary line is not an observation in the data set. Thus, the output to the data set is only the time series, both the historical data and the forecast data, if available.