The X11 Procedure

OUTPUT Statement

OUTPUT OUT= SAS-data-set tablename=var1 var2 … ;

The OUTPUT statement creates an output data set containing specified tables. The data set is named by the OUT= option.

OUT= SAS-data-set

If OUT= is omitted, the SAS System names the new data set by using the DATAn convention.

For each table to be included in the output data set, write the X11 table identification keyword, an equal sign, and a list of new variable names:

tablename = var1 var2 ...

The tablename keywords that can be used in the OUTPUT statement are listed in the section Printed Output. The following is an example of a VAR statement and an OUTPUT statement:

   var z1 z2 z3;
   output out=out_x11  b1=s  d11=w x y;

The variable s contains the table B1 values for the variable z1, while the table D11 values for variables z1, z2, and z3 are contained in variables w, x, and y, respectively. As this example shows, the list of variables following a tablename= keyword can be shorter than the VAR variable list.

In addition to the variables named by tablename =var1 var2 …, the ID variables, and BY variables, the output data set contains a date identifier variable. If the DATE= option is given in the MONTHLY or QUARTERLY statement, the DATE= variable is the date identifier. If no DATE= option is given, a variable named _DATE_ is the date identifier.