Diagnosing and Correcting an Unsuccessful Job


You have run a job that was not successfully completed. You need to diagnose the problems with the job and correct them.


You can use the interactive tools that are provided with the Job Editor window. Perform the following tasks:


Examine the Diagram Tab

You can easily see the transformations on the Diagram tab that generated error messages when the job was run. The transformations with errors are outlined in red and marked with a red dot in the bottom right corner. You can also click a red dot to see the error message in a sticky note window, as shown in the following display.
Transformation Error in a Sample Job
Sample Transformation Error
Note: When there are many warning or error messages, only the first few messages are shown in the sticky note due to performance reasons. You can set a limit on the number of messages at the following location: Toolsthen selectOptionsthen selectJob Editorthen selectMaximum number of warnings and errors to display per step.

Check the Status Tab

Click Status in the Details section of the Job Editor window to display the status of each step in the job. If the Details section is not displayed, click Details in the View menu in the SAS Data Integration Studio menu bar. The following display shows a Status tab that shows that two of the steps in a sample job that resulted in errors.
Unsuccessful Sample Job
Unsuccessful Sample Job

Read the Warnings and Errors Tab

Double-click on an error in the Status column of the Status tab to display the error in the Warnings and Errors tab.
Sample Warning and Errors Tab
Sample Warning and Errors Tab
The following links are available on the Warnings and Errors tab to help you diagnose and correct the problem with the job:
  • The Transformation Name: displays the transformation that is highlighted on the Diagram tab
  • Code: displays the code for the transformation that is highlighted on the Code tab
  • Log: displays the error on the Log tab
  • Properties: displays the properties window for the transformation

Examine the Problem in the Log Tab

Click Log on the Warnings and Errors tab to display the error on the Log tab. When you submit a job for execution, the SAS log is now updated at the end of each DATA step or procedure in the job. Therefore, you can use the SAS log to monitor the progress of each step in a job as it executes.
The following display shows the error in highlighted text. The log is scrolled to show both the error and the relevant lines in the code.
Sample Log Tab
Sample Log Tab
The error corresponds to the code, which is missing a value for where Height >.

Fix the Problem

Click Properties on the Warnings and Errors tab to display the properties tab for the appropriate transformation in the sample job. Then, click the appropriate tab and correct the error, as shown in the following display.
Sample Where Properties Tab
Sample Where Properties Tab
You can fix the sample job by correcting the text in the Expression Text field and saving the values in the properties window. After the correction, the expression text reads Height > 60.

Run the Job and Check the Results

You can verify that the job is corrected. First, run the job and right-click the target table. Then, click Open in the pop-up menu to see the output. The target table for the sample job is shown in the following display.
Sample View Data Window
Sample View Data Window