Reviewing Job Management Reports Outside of Data Integration Studio

You can use SAS Web Report Studio or the SAS Stored Process Server to display pre-built reports for multiple jobs that were executed on a batch server. The information for these reports is captured in server logs on at run time, using SAS Application Resource Monitoring (ARM) capabilities. ARM correlates the job with the hardware that it is being run on, so that memory use and I/O can be captured and tagged to a specific job. Performance records are combined with error messages, warnings, table names, and other information to allow for complete, drillable reporting on historical job performance and problems.
For example, you can use cube-based reports in SAS Web Report Studio to track outlier executions of a job down to the specific, offending job step. You can use summary and detailed reports to quickly diagnose problems without having to traverse multiple log files by hand. Detailed reports of job-steps support stringent historical auditing of data sources and targets.
See Meeting Prerequisites for Collecting Job Statistics for information about configuring these reports.