Meeting Prerequisites for Collecting Job Statistics

You can track performance statistics for a job that is run interactively. You can also use SAS Web Report Studio or the SAS Stored Process Server to display pre-built reports for multiple jobs that were executed on a batch server. To do either of these tasks, the following prerequisites must be met:
  • The logging facility must be enabled on the server that executes the job. ARM statistics are enabled by default for SAS Workspace Servers, but not for SAS Batch servers. If you want to use the pre-built reports, the SAS Data Integration Studio job statistics package must also be installed and configured on the server. For more information, administrators should see the "Administering Logging for SAS Servers" chapter in the SAS Intelligence Platform System Administration Guide.
  • The collect run-time statistics option must be enabled for the job. This option is enabled by default. If the option has been disabled, and you want to enable it, open the job in the Job Editor window. Then, right-click the canvas and select Collect Runtime Statistics and Collect Table Statistics. Note that you can also select Collect Diagnostics.
Note: You can collect run-time statistics for all new jobs by selecting Toolsthen selectOptionsthen selectJob Editor. Then, select the check boxes for Collect Runtime Statistics and Collect Table Statistics. You can also use the Maximum numbers of warnings and errors field to control the amount of diagnostic information collected for each step.