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SAS Foundation Services

Information Service

The Information Service enables you to do the following:

  • perform a federated search of any repositories that a user has a connection to. The term federated means connected and treated as one. The classes in the Information Service package enable the creation of a single filter which can search disparate repositories (for example, SAS Metadata Repositories and LDAP repositories).

  • limit searches to a specific repository, so that efficient searching can be achieved.

  • retrieve an item from a repository using a URL, using a convenience method.

  • (in conjunction with the User Services and the Authentication Service) authenticate users, create User Contexts, locate servers that the user has access to, and create repository definitions to use in making server connections.

For detailed usage documentation and examples, see in the Foundation Services class documentation.

For information about configuring Information Services, see Modifying the Information Service Configuration in the SAS Integration Technologies: Administrator's Guide.