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Event Broker Service

The Event Broker Service enables applications to send and deliver events to the appropriate handling agents for processing. A handler can be either of the following:

  • a statically defined process flow that runs in its own thread within the Event Broker Service to process the event. You can use the Foundation Services Manager plug-in to SAS Management Console to define the event and the process flow configuration.

  • an application that has registered itself at run time with the Event Broker Service so that it can receive event notifications.

An Event Broker Service can also format a response to the processing of an event and send it as a reply to the event originator. It is the responsibility of the requester to specify the type of response that is desired: none (fire-and-forget), acknowledgement (acknowledge that the event was received), or result (send a formatted response).

An event is specified as a well-formed XML fragment that contains the name of the event, any associated properties, and a body. For details, refer to the Event Message Specification in the Foundation Services class documentation.

For detailed usage documentation and examples, see and in the Foundation Services class documentation.

For details about editing the Event Broker Service configuration, see Understanding the Event Broker Service in the SAS Integration Technologies: Administrator's Guide.

For information about using the Publishing Framework to generate and publish events, see About Events.