StatRep System for Reproducible Research

The StatRep system uses SAS and the LaTeX typesetting system to create documents with reproducible results. It consists of a LaTeX package, a suite of SAS macros and a user guide.

The LaTeX package provides two environments and two tags that work together to display your SAS code and results and to generate the SAS program that produces those results.

The generated SAS program includes calls to the StatRep SAS macros that use the SAS Output Delivery System (ODS) document to capture the output as external files.

With the StatRep system, you can share your LaTeX document with colleagues and be sure that your results are reproducible.

Download the LaTeX package (ZIP) which includes everything you need to use the StatRep system.

For a quick reference, you can view the The StatRep System for Reproducible Research User's Guide or The StatRep System for Reproducible Research: A Note for SAS University Edition Users. These are both included in the full package referenced above.

More information can be found in the SAS Global Forum paper, Using SAS and LaTeX to Create Documents with Reproducible Results.