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April 2010 Using Version 9.2 of the SAS Business Intelligence Platform to Assign Unique SAS Application Servers to SAS Web Analytics (PDF)
SAS Web Analytics is a solution that requires "exclusive" access to a SAS Application Server. This paper discusses considerations for what products are required in support of this solution and whether or not the solution will be installed and configured on top of an existing configuration.
March 2009 Branding SAS Web Applications for Your Enterprise (PDF)
This paper discusses the new tools and processes added in SAS 9.2 for creating and maintaining custom themes. Examples from the SAS Enterprise BI Web applications (SAS Web Report Studio and the SAS Information Delivery Portal) will be shown to illustrate some of the possibilities available with the release of SAS 9.2.
March 2009 Dynamic Prompts Make Data Cascading Easy: Introducing New Features in SAS 9.2 Prompt Framework (PDF)
The prompt framework is available across all desktop and Web clients in the platform for SAS Business Analytics. A new feature in SAS 9.2, dynamic cascading prompts, enables users to create custom prompts that easily extract necessary information based on previously entered prompted values. This paper will highlight dynamic prompts and give an overview of new or enhanced features such as cascading prompts, relative date and time prompts, and range prompts.