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January 2018 Configuring SSH Client Software in UNIX and Windows Environments for Use with the SFTP Access Method in SAS 9.2, SAS 9.3, and SAS 9.4 (PDF)
This paper describes how to configure SSH in UNIX and Windows environments so that you can use the SFTP Access Method.
Aug 2015 Moving SAS Applications from a Physical to a Virtual VMware Environment (PDF)
A physical SAS environment can be migrated, with a properly planned architecture, to use virtual infrastructure provided by VMware vSphere. During the planning phase, several architecture considerations and details are critical factors for establishing a smooth and successful deployment. This paper summarizes best practices, and outlines key considerations based on testing SAS 9 with VMware 5.
October 2013 SAS Data Set Encryption Options: SAS product interaction with encrypted data storage (PDF)
This paper discusses encrypting data during storage, referencing a test case using Base SAS 9.3. It uses a simple SAS program and a large text data file to look at the performance of a baseline case and four different encryption methods.
October 2010 Configuration and Tuning Guidelines for SAS9 in the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Operating Environment (PDF)
SAS and Microsoft together have uncovered several performance issues that are related to how the operating-system file cache behaves under Windows Server 2008. This paper discusses these issues and offers suggestions for configuring the CPU, memory, and I/O subsystems for optimal SAS performance.