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January 2018 Configuring SSH Client Software in UNIX and Windows Environments for Use with the SFTP Access Method in SAS® 9.2, SAS® 9.3, and SAS® 9.4 (PDF)
This paper describes how to configure SSH in UNIX and Windows environments so that you can use the SFTP Access Method.
August 2017 An Oasis of Serenity in a Sea of Chaos: Automating the Management of Your UNIX/Linux Multi-tiered SAS® Services (PDF)
If you have a multi-tiered SAS deployment, you are aware of how challenging it can be to manually restart services after an outage. This process can be time-consuming and is prone to errors. Now there is a solution—the SAS Local Services Management (SAS_lsm) utility created by SAS Technical Support! This paper takes you through the steps needed to deploy, configure, and use the SAS_lsm utility, thus removing the need for stressful manual restarts of your multi-tiered SAS deployments.
Dec 2014 Moving SAS Applications from a Physical to a Virtual VMware Environment (PDF)
A physical SAS environment can be migrated, with a properly planned architecture, to use virtual infrastructure provided by VMware vSphere. During the planning phase, several architecture considerations and details are critical factors for establishing a smooth and successful deployment. This paper summarizes best practices, and outlines key considerations based on testing SAS 9 with VMware 5