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January 2020 SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya Functional Comparison (PDF)
This paper outlines the core capabilities shared between SAS Viya and SAS 9.4, and where these two differ. See how the capabilities complement each other in a common environment. In addition to these core capabilities, see how the SAS software product lines stack up in each, including analytics, visualization, and data management.
October 2016 Ensuring Compatibility of Encoding across Different Releases of the SAS System in the z/OS Environment (PDF)
This document describes how different encodings affect SAS applications at different release levels. It also explains how migrating your SAS applications so that they use NONLSCOMPATMODE can keep these applications from being affected in the future.
October 2009 Using Virtualization Environments to Support Migration to SAS 9.2 (PDF)
Migration of the SAS 9.1.3 platform environment to SAS 9.2 requires careful and deliberate planning, which includes a migration process to introduce SAS 9.2 into your computing environment. If additional hardware is not available, you can configure SAS 9.2 on the same machines that are running SAS 9.1.3. It is also possible to utilize virtualization technologies to simulate the use of different hardware. This paper provides an example of how virtualization can be used to support migration to SAS 9.2 on the same hardware that is running SAS 9.1.3
March 2008 Backup and Disaster Recovery: When Disaster Strikes, What Will You Do? What Will You Do? (PDF)
The purpose of this paper is to assure you that your existing SAS 8 applications will work well in SAS 9 (either SAS 9.1.3 or SAS 9.2) with minimal changes to the application. This paper is a collection of information from the SAS Migration Community Web pages, support documents from the SAS Technical Support Division, and previously published SUGI/SAS Global Forum papers.
March 2008 Metadata Promotion in SAS 9.2 (PDF)
Promotion of metadata content is typically used to support movement across Development, Test, and Production environments. In SAS 9.2, we have implemented a batch interface for the partial promotion framework that will allow you to create a schedulable and repeatable process for moving a set of metadata content across your environments.