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January 2014 Adding Additional SAS® Workspace Servers to Support Multiple Encodings (PDF)
This paper presents a cost-saving technique for adding an additional SAS Workspace Server (or servers) that helps you connect your BI client machine to multiple, custom-encoded SAS application servers that use a single installation of SAS Foundation software.
September 2013 Multilingual Computing with SAS® 9.4 (PDF)
This paper describes the new and enhanced features for handling multiple languages in SAS® 9.4.
October 2009 Processing Multilingual Data with the SAS 9.2 Unicode Server (PDF)
This paper outlines how to configure and start a SAS Unicode server in SAS 9.2 Phase 2, how to process multi-byte data, how to access multilingual data from existing SAS systems, database management systems (DBMS) and external files, multilingual collation, language switching and how to generate multi-lingual reports.
December 2008 Changing language during a SAS session (PDF)
This document explains how you can switch between languages (locales) with the SAS 9.2 Unicode server. Language Switching is controlled by the LOCALELANGCHG option. If LOCALELANGCHG is on, the language switching feature is enabled and the setting of the LOCALE= option determines the language used for procedure output and user interface elements.
April 2008 Linguistic Collation: Everyone Can Get What they Expect (PDF)
The SAS System makes sure that everyone can get what he or she expects by supporting sorts for data from one or many languages as well as case-insensitive sorts. The paper outlines how BY processing now supports linguistic collation in PROC and DATA steps and how a new DATA step function called sortKey allows customers to create keys for sorting.