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October 2013 Technical Paper: Data Modeling Considerations in Hadoop and Hive (PDF)
This paper explores the techniques used for data modeling in a Hadoop environment as well as a data partition strategy and an investigation into the role that indexing, data types, files types, and other data architecture decisions play in designing data structures in Hive.
May 2012 Technical Paper: Optimize ETL for the Banking DDS (PDF)
This paper discusses techniques to optimize ETL for the banking DDS to SAS solution data marts when the banking DDS is stored in a relational database other than SAS. These techniques can also be used as general methods for how SAS Data Integration Studio ETL jobs can be run in a database.
March 2009 Change Data Capture and the Benefits to the Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse (PDF)
This paper investigates how the data warehouse has evolved from being a departmental reporting solution to a central repository of information that is key to active decision making for front-line users.
March 2009 Dynamic Prompts Make Data Cascading Easy: Introducing New Features in SAS 9.2 Prompt Framework (PDF)
The prompt framework is available across all desktop and Web clients in the platform for SAS Business Analytics. A new feature in SAS 9.2, dynamic cascading prompts, enables users to create custom prompts that easily extract necessary information based on previously entered prompted values. This paper will highlight dynamic prompts and give an overview of new or enhanced features such as cascading prompts, relative date and time prompts, and range prompts.