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June 2021 Monitoring Machine Health Using KT Charts (PDF)
This paper introduces new functionality available in SAS® Forecast Studio, known as KT chart procedures, which can be useful for monitoring process or equipment data and which has applications in both predictive maintenance and predictive quality.
Jan 2017 Using Macros with SAS® Forecast Server (PDF)
This paper explains how to use macros in the SAS Forecast Server Batch Interface to create and update projects.
December 2013 Scalability of the SAS/STAT HPGENSELECT High-Performance Analytical Procedure: A Comparison with RevoScaleR (PDF)
Written by: Wayne Thompson, Jennifer Ames and Dright Ho
This paper compares the performance of the HPGENSELECT procedure with results cited for the RevoScaleR package by using data that are similar to the insurer's data. The paper also demonstrates the scalability of the HPGENSELECT procedure by using two sizes of data sets and three different computing environments.
November 2013 The Forest and the Trees: See it All with SAS Visual Analytics (PDF)
This is an update to a paper presented at SAS Global Forum 2013. This paper explains how data exploration journeys usually follow a generic workflow composed of nine well-defined tasks that are easy to perform using SAS® Visual Analytics.
March 2009 Experimenting Outside the Box: Using SAS/QC for Modern Applications of Experimental Design (PDF)
This paper demonstrates specialized features of SAS/QC software that enable you to apply the principles of experimental design beyond traditional applications.
March 2008 How SAS®9 Allows the Delivery of the Power of Predictive Analytics and Forecasting to the Masses (PDF)
The integrated analytics that SAS offers is the engine that provides the extra power that competitors cannot match in other market spaces such as data integration and business intelligence.
March 2008 Small Improvements Causing Substantial Savings - Forecasting Intermittent Demand Data Using SAS Forecast Server (PDF)
This paper exposes the inadequacy of continuous time series methods when compared to IDM for forecasting future average demand per period for intermittent time series. This paper demonstrates a technique and system of large-scale automatic forecasting of intermittent demand series. This paper explains how SAS Forecast Server is used as this system.
March 2008 Two-Stage Variable Clustering for Large Data Sets (PDF)
In data mining, principal component analysis is a popular dimension reduction technique. It also provides a good remedy for the multicollinearity problem, but its interpretation of input space is not as good. To overcome the interpretation problem, principal components (cluster components) are obtained through variable clustering, which was implemented with PROC VARCLUS.
March 2008 Using Copulas to Model Dependency Structures in Econometrics (PDF)
This paper introduces advanced copula modeling capabilities in the MODEL procedure. We also show how insight into the correlation structure of the copulas can be obtained by using animations produced by SAS.
March 2008 Zero-Inflated Poisson and Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Models Using the COUNTREG Procedure (PDF)
This paper studies the performance of different count models on a simulated example. The results demonstrate that among the count models we consider, in many cases a Poisson model tends to be overly restrictive.